Sand and Finish Tips


Choosing the color of your floor during the sand and finish process can be a daunting experience.  One tip you should know: the lighter the color the less dirt, dust, and scratches your new floor will show.  Also, if your rooms are small a lighter color will make a room look larger than a darker color.  Our sand and finish experts will customize a stain color and apply it directly to your floor during the color selection process.


Satin, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss?  Oil based or water based?  95% of the oil based finishes we apply are satin.  This will show less dirt, dust, and scratches that do occur over time.  90% of the water based finishes are semi-gloss. A water based finish will have less sheen than the oils.  So a semi-gloss looks like a satin.


Dust is like water, when it is released it finds it way to where it wants to go.  While our sanders have vacuum systems, there is no truly “dustless” system in the sand and finish process.  There are only “less dust” systems. While we do our best to contain the dust, it will find it’s way into other parts of your house.  We offer professional cleaning services. Just ask!

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